The International Space Station in Street View




The Details

We are now able to experience the International Space Station is such a way thanks to a man named Thomas Pesquet. He is a French astronaut of the European Space Agency. On his last trip, he took the opportunity to take pictures of every corner of the station for Google´s Street View. However, the  purpose of his “Google mission” was not only to provide us with visuals of the station´s interior but also to allow us to watch our planet from the station´s point of view.

The challenge to capture this unique pictures was unlike anything that the Street View team ever faced before. Their 260 degree system had to be modified for another gravitational reality. For this, they teamed up with a group of experts of the NASA. Nevertheless, their efforts resulted in a success and groundbreaking step forward for Google Street View. It is the first time they explore space and will likely not be their last.

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