Cotton Ball Diet — A Dangerous Way To Lose Weight

Frantic dieters don’t let go of disastrous ideas to lose weight. The latest of these is to eat cotton balls soaked in orange juice, lemonade or smoothies. There are Chat rooms, YouTube videos and blogs, explaining method of this diet. Apparently, the diet caught on after Eddie Murphy’s 23-year-old daughter, Bria Murphy, reported seeing models eat cotton balls dipped in juice to stay skinny.

The idea is to feel full without any weight gain. Some people stick to just eating cotton all day. Others use it as an appetizer so they can eat less. Maximum five juice-dipped balls can be swallowed in one go before feeling full. Medical experts have grave concerns over this trend, they say it’s “very, very dangerous.” They claim that usually cotton balls are made up of polyester fibers with lots of chemicals, of course not suitable for human metabolism. Models have been suspected of eating cotton balls for years, the dim-witted fashion has now reached teen girls. There are YouTube videos made by girls in the age group of 9 to 16, showing how to eat cotton balls.



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