IPhone 5 To be in United States and Worldwide

IPhone 5, the new generation handset designed by Apple, is the most awaited update now days. According to recent announcements, Apple will release iPhone 5 on September 5, and it will be released worldwide on 5 October, a month later.

The news seems to be little confident, but, Apple did not announce it officially. Many rumors are moving here and there because iPhone lovers are waiting for this new release curiously. IPhone 5 is expected to have variety of new generation features including iMessaging, iCloud, 3G and 4G support, adorable touch interface and much more. Apple integrated iCloud service to connect and share data through cloud storage. In past, you were required to synchronize data to your iTunes and then, to your device. Now, iCloud service let you free from this sync activity by handling all the process by own.

In actual, all these activities are the part of Apple marketing campaign. Anyhow, the report declaration seems confident enough as it is revealed by some close resources of Apple.

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