World’s Smallest V-12 Engine Made By A Spanish Engineer (Video)

For all the engineers and automotive lovers this might be a special news. Patelo, a Spanish engineer has spent over 1200 hours in designing, crafting and drilling the world’s smallest V12 engine. Starting with scrap material and hunks of different materials like steel, bronze and aluminium, the fully operational engine has been designed.

The engine is powered by compressed air injection (0.1kg/sq cm). This allows the engine to trigger the 12 installed 11.3 mm (diameter) pistons which produces an impressive displacement of 12 cubic centimetres. Patelo has made his creation entirely for non-profitable purpose. He isn’t planning to sell any of these mini motors in market, as according to him, it may help for educational purpose. Right now he has dedicated the engine to his four grandchildren.

Here are some pictures of this masterpiece


Below is the video in which Patelo has described the construction of this engine. The video is in Spanish, so if in case you don’t have the Spanish translation dictionary with you. These are the translated meanings of these steps:

  • Construimos el ciguenal: Building the crankshaft
  • Comenzamos el montaje: Begin the installation
  • Montamos el ciguenal en el bloque: Fit the crankshaft in the block
  • Cojinete de apoyo del ciguenal: Crankshaft bearing support
  • Taques: Tappets
  • Arbol de levas: Camshaft
  • Cojinete de apoyo del arbol de levas: Camshaft support bearing
  • Engranajes de la distribucion: Timing gear
  • Volante: Flywheel
  • Cilindros: Cylinders
  • Pistones: Pistons
  • Comprobamos con un taladro que todo esta en orden: Check with a drill that everything is in order
  • Culatas: Cylinder heads
  • Balancines: Rockers
  • Varillas de balancines: Rocker shafts
  • Colectores de admision: Intake manifolds
  • Colectores de escape: Exhaust manifolds
  • Tapa de distribucion: Distribution cover
  • Bombas de refrigeracion: Cooling pumps
  • Enfriador de agua dulce: Fresh water cooler
  • Filtro de admision: Inlet filter
  • Pruebas de funcionamiento: Function tests
  • Camara lenta: Slow motion
  • Numero de piezas/tornillos: Number of pieces/screws
  • Horas de trabajo: Hours of work



Here is another video which shows the manufacturing of engine