Top 10 Unbelievable Lawsuits

How much ridiculous can it get? That is the question you will be asking after going through this list of the 10 most outrageous lawsuits filed in America, ever. No 10. Richard Overton vs. Budweiser In 1991, Richard Overton drank Bud Light expecting the beautiful ladies from the ad to appear in real for him.

Oscillation of an “electronic box” subjected to a shock wave (FEM modelling in COMSOL Multiphysics)

The presented stiff elastic box is fixed on the left side by 4 bolts. The box is subjected to a shock wave propagating in Y-direction. After the impact the structure oscillates with a decay. The modeling is performed in COMSOL 3.5a FE code. Note: This is a user submitted video under “User Submitted” Category. Although

Discovery Future Weapons WAVE Weapon Station

Extract of Discovery Channel Future Weapons Episode 3 “Close Protection”: Israel Military Industries (IMI) WAVE Stabilized Weapon Station Note: This is a user submitted video under “User Submitted” Category. Although the submitted content is moderated, RealityPod does not guarantee the accuracy of information provided in posts of this particular category.

Wave Glider: An Autonomous Wave-Powered Sensor Platform

(October 28, 2009) Roger Hine of Liquid Robotics discusses the Wave Glider, a new technology dedicated to collecting data about the ocean. The Wave Glider uses solar panels to harvest energy from the sun to propel itself, allowing for the Wave Glider to travel long distance without needing to refuel. Stanford University: www.stanford.edu Stanford Center