5 Natural Wonders You Should Visit Before They Vanish

If you’re one of those people who have their bucket list of places to visit someday, you might just need to re-check with your dates because someday it might just be too late to visit those places. There are many changes occurring to the Earth due to environmental issues such as global warming, destruction of

“Follow Me” Photography

“Follow Me” is the story of Russian Photographer Murad Osmann who had the pleasure of following his girlfriend all around the globe, where he took amazing photo-shots in which his girlfriend was pulling him along. The concept and the theme of the art is adorable as the loving couple walks on the streets of every famous destination

7 Non-famous Engineering Wonders of the Modern World

Would you believe that the tallest bridge in France reaches higher than the Eiffel tower, or that a single dam in China can hold back 1.4 trillion cubic feet or water? Each of the projects depicted here has set at least one world record for its height, scale, daring or ingenuity. From Venice to Boston,