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T-Mobile Is Switching On To iPhone-Friendly 3G As Part Of 84Mbps Upgrade

According to many recent reports, T-Mobile is switching on 3G for frequencies that can be used by existing unlocked iPhones. For the year 2012, at least some parts of Northern California and Nevada are considering 1,900MHz to be used as extra carrying space for the HSPA+ 84Mbps network. This arrangement would not only provide speeds faster

New Case With A Backup Battery And AN Unlocked SIM Slot

An iPhone case has been released by Vooma with a backup battery and, on top of it, an unlocked SIM slot. However, its conditional, the case works with a jailbreak-only app that imitates the in-built phone app to allow calls through the external SIM. A mini-SIM card is fit in the case, not the micro-SIM

China Mobile: Over 10 Million Unofficial iPhone Users In China

Wang Jianzhou, chairman of China Mobile, unveiled at ITU World on Monday that China Mobile already holds over 10 million unofficial iPhone users. China Mobile is the world’s foremost cellular provider, having over 600 million subscribers, and is believed to be one of the key targets for just about any cell phone manufacturer. Wang disclosed

Apple Gunning For Android In India With Unlocked iPhone 3GS

On May 27, the iPhone 4 officially got launched in the 1.2 billion people market of India, starting at 34,500 Indian rupees (about $760) for the 16GB version after a two-year service agreement. But due to the high price of the iPhone, 41.6 percent of the total population was unable to buy it as they

5 Reasons An Unlocked iPhone Is Important

The silent release of an unlocked iPhone by Apple has marked an important chapter in the history of a device that soon will be a huge part of the company’s business. Here under are five major reasons the unlocked iPhone is a big deal: 1. No contracts. Yes, the $649 and $749 price tags are

Apple Starts Selling Unlocked iPhone 4 For $649, $749

As reported earlier about the rumor, selling an unlocked iPhone 4 has now officially been started by Apple. Both 16GB and 32GB unlocked version of the smartphone are now listed on company’s online store. Customers can decide between a black or white model. The company’s 16GB version retails for $649, while the 32GB one is

Rumor: Unlocked iPhone 4 To Hit U.S. On Wednesday

Unlocked iPhone 4 is believed to become an option for U.S. customers in Apple stores on Wednesday. The rumor comes courtesy of Twitter user @chronicwire, who apparently created the account around a week ago and swiftly started tweeting all kinds of alleged iPhone leaks and rumors. The latest is that four specific models–the MC603 (16GB,