Now You Can Control The Digital World With A Real Time 3D Model

Thanks to new technology, we have reached a new era where you just can control digital models with the real time 3D models present in your hands! An outstanding demonstration of the same was done by researchers at the University of Tsukuba and the University of Electro communications in Japan. The mind boggling technology is named as Qumarion which consist of a physical mannequin that can be posed and shaped into different positions.

There are 32 sensors on 16 different joints to transmit positional data. The 30 centimetre model, Qumarion can be used by the users to translate different type of motions of the real world into digital world and it can save a lot of time that is required in programming each and every move. The price tag is $750 for this 3D model along with all the kit. Check out the video to watch it in action!