Transparent Solar Cells Will Be The New Power Generators

Researchers at UCLA have now made transparent solar cells. Imagine a glass which can generate power and that glass could be your room’s window, your car’s windshield or even the screen of your mobile phone. Compared with a regular glass, transparent solar cells are 70% efficient and clear, which is not really bad. But the not so good thing is the remaining 30% is used to generate power, which means these transparent solar cells are not as efficient as regular solar cells. Deborah Netburn of the Los Angeles Times says

“The good news is that the process is very economical, and the material can be fabricated as a liquid that can be sprayed on a surface, much in the same way that car factories spray paint onto automobiles.”

According to Professor Yang from UCLA, this type of technology will be available in the next 5 years. Whereas, in the next 10 years, such technology would have spread and be in use worldwide in every field.