In Future Pilots Will Have Autonomous Drone Wing-men

Discover the future with Pietrucha’s innovative vision of dogfight. Ever since various companies have been working on different UAV’s and MAV’s, we have been seeing many out-of-the-box UAV designs. Air-to-Air combat has advanced in multiple ways since many high-tech jets with dogfighting capabilities, advance gadgetry and modern weaponry systems have evolved significantly. What Col Micheal Pietrucha’s

Drone It Yourself – Make Your Own Drone

The rim you are looking at is not just for your bicycle but a most modern Quadcopter UAV. Thinking about making a difference, Jasper van Loenen’s DIY (Drone It Yourself) idea was to present a UAV which comprises of four Bluetooth ESC’s and a OpenPilot CC3D flight controller. Assembly of these parts was not a