Things To Try Before You Die

“What will you do if you’re not afraid?”

This question from the book “Who Moved My Cheese” by Doctor Spencer Johnson will make you pause and think. There are a lot of things that we want to do. But fear stops us from doing what we want. Most of us have been probably wanting to quit our jobs and just live life to the fullest. But we can’t, I mean we can but it would be too difficult to adjust. Every time we want to do one thing, we always wonder what’s ahead. We’re pressured on ‘what ifs’. What if something bad will happen? What if we can’t pay our bills anymore? What if we can’t find a better job? We worry – in fact too much on what the future lies.
But then what if you only have a few weeks to live. Will you be brave enough to try new things?
Here we gather some of the things that await you if you let go of fear and just well..carpe diem


Dive with the Sharks

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If you prefer to add a twist to the diving activity, you might want to consider shark diving. You read it right, sharks. Nowadays, there are already a lot of shark diving destinations that you can visit anywhere in the world. Have a close interaction with these sweet giants in Belize or in Beqa Lagoon in Fiji where you can meet different kinds such as the blacktip and whitetip reef sharks or even bull sharks. If you also happen to be in Asia, you can visit Malapascua Island in Cebu.



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If you’re a daredevil who’s looking for a more challenging activity, try portaledging. The activity’s derived from portaledge which is what climbers use to set up their “not so ordinary beds” up in the air- like a couple of feet above the ground. They attach it to rocks where they sleep to regain energy and also- stargaze. What could be better than you hanging above ground while looking for some constellations!


Skydive in Mt Everest

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Whether or not you have tried skydiving before, skydiving in Mt Everest will always be a one of a kind experience. Imagine jumping off from a chopper approximately 23000ft just below Mt Everest and land at the Himalayan dreamlands Syangboche  (12340ft) and Amadablam Basecamp (15000ft). With the glorious view of the Himalayas and the thrill! Wow, it must be worth the $30,000 price. Well, if you can afford, money’s won’t be an issue, right?


Enter the Cage of Death in Australia

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If you ever find yourself visiting Australia, you might as well head to Darwin where you can find the Cage of Death. In Crocosaurus Cove, tourists are given the chance to have a close interaction with what else, crocodiles! Tourists are placed in a glass tank where they’d be lowered down to where the crocodiles are waiting. To add more fun, meat is placed on the glass tank to attract the crocodiles to go near to where.. you are. Just pray though that the glass will not be broken else, crocs will go food tripping. Of course, we’re kidding. Pretty sure it’s safe though.


Bungee Jump in South Africa

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Some of you may have already tried bungee jumping before but you might consider doing it as well in South Africa. This 216m Boulkrans bridge is one of the highest commercial bungee jumping sites in the world. In 2010, Mohr Keet was recorded as the oldest person to bungee jump at the age of 96. So what’s our excuse?


There are still plenty of things to explore and places to go if fear won’t stop us. Life’s short and this life should be filled with adventures.

Unusual Hotels in the World

One of the important things that tourists should consider when traveling is getting a place to stay. After a day full of adventure, they all want to go back to a place where they can relax, spend the rest of the day or probably have more fun. Staying in an amazing hotel is an adventure in itself. Great hotels might sometimes come with huge price tags, but with the amenities and other things that the hotels can offer, they might be worth every penny.

Here we came up with the list of the most unique and amazing hotels in the world – for your future travels.


Playa Viva Hotel, Mexico

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If you are almost at the edge of giving up your career because stress is just eating you up and you know you can’t just drop it because there are we call “bills” this place might be for you. Consider taking a leave, book that flight to Mexico where you can find Playa Viva Hotel. Located North of Acapulco, relaxing tree houses await you. The hotel offers meditation classes so you can breathe that stress out and get yourself ready for that urban jungle again.


Bubble Hotel, Indonesia

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Have you ever wondered how it feels to live in a bubble? Like literally. A hotel in Bali Indonesia offers that experience. You can stay at bubble hotel and get a full view of the beach and the sky and have the feel of getting stuck in an island yourself. It’s like a date with nature. So if you’re sick interacting with humans and just want to spend time yourself, this hotel is perfect for you!


Montana Magica Lodge, Chile

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When the urban jungle makes you sick, it’s probably time to experience living in an actual jungle. In Chile, a magical hotel lies inside the magical rainforest. Every night, the hotel breathes life. Okay, that’s exaggerated but this hotel which requires someone to pass through the monkey bridge to reach the lobby is just probably pretty normal. Plus the fact that it’s surrounded with unusual animals makes it more normal too. Jungle trekking, zip wire experience and bathing in spa waters are just a few of the activities that this hotel offers.


Manta Resort, Tanzania

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Imagine waking up and the first thing that you see is a school of fishes staring at you as if they’re asking how’s your sleep?  Well, that might be weird, yet awesome. This hotel in Tanzania gives you the unlimited access to the beach and an underwater bedroom. So after swimming, you might want to lay down on the bed and greet the fishes that pass by and say hello! Oh, that sounds interesting, you think?


Giraffe Manor, Kenya

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A boutique hotel situated in Nairobi Kenya offers guests close encounters with giraffes. This even to a point of letting them share your breakfast with these tall yet adorable creatures! If you’re one of those who wants to get to know these creatures better, you might consider booking a room at this hotel soon!

Edo Wonderland- A Must Visit In Japan

When we talk about traveling to Japan, we usually think about the Sakura Trees ,robots, ramen and everything cool. But there’s this beautiful place in the country that lets you relieve the  Edo period or Tokugawa period (Japan between 1603- 1868).

Located in Nikko – Tochigi Prefecture, Edo Wonderland is a must visit in Japan . This especially to those who love to experience the Old Japanese society.


Edo Wonderland Entrance

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Dress up as a Geisha, Ninja, Samurai warrior or any Edo character of your choice while trying to explore the village.

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The place is packed with different activities and breath taking views that will fill your instagram stories with amazing pictures.


An Amazing View Inside The Village

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From dining to theater performances, shopping, playing games , you and your family and friends will surely have fun.

One Of The Amazing Theatre Performances


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Food From the Edo Period That One Can Try

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The Ninja Performance is such breath taking that will let you see cool fight scenes of Ninjas on stage that at the end of it , you’ll surely think of changing your careers.


A Ninja Sighting In The Village

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Have you also ever wondered how their house looks like? I’ll tell you it is sick.

Well probably, that will be the most unique house that you’ll ever visit. Going inside the house is already an adventure and going out is absolutely fun.


And wait, you probably have heard about Geishas right? But have you ever seen one?

Yes , You can actually see a legit Geisha in that village. And Oh Yes, she is mesmerizing.

The way she talks and acts will sure take you breathe away.


There are other performances that are also equally amazing such as the Mizugei – Za which is a water illusion and you and your kids will sure love the Nan – Myage Theater performance.


While waiting for the theater performances , you can see different Edo characters on the streets living like it’s actually the Edo era. Well it will probably confuse you on the time that you’re living in or whether or not you’ve accidentally taken the time machine.


Hungry? Grab a bite from the stores with Edo Delicacies . Yabu Soba, Tori Soba -Ya and Yama Kujira are a must try!


There are also a lot of souvenir shops in the village that sells very unique items such as samurai keychains, ref magnets, samurai swords, dolls and other japanese items. Your friends will surely love those !


The activities close with an Oiran Courtesan Procession where you can see the the characters parade through the streets.

Watch out for their facial expressions, their poise, their colorful costumes and the way the Geisha’s walk , they’re very unique that we recommend you to take a lot of snaps and we’re sure your followers will love.


Oiran Courtesan Procession

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This is an amazing place to go when you’re planning an adventure. Truly, a magical experience.









Top 10 Countries You Must Travel To In 2013

If you are a fan of traveling and are scouting for countries to visit, then look no further. We have compiled a list of top 10 countries to travel to. Read through the list and make your travel plans!

10. Madagascar

Looking forward to a good stable government in 2013, if you want to see this heaven on earth, the time to go is now before the prices rise and the travel agents rob you of your money. Beauty never seen before, amazing beaches and bays, great endemic fauna and flora to relax with, mind boggling landscapes, terraced rice paddies of the highlands to tropical rainforests, grassy plains and desert safari, this place is definitely a must visit.



9. Dominican Republic

Escape to the land of the sun, sand and surf in the Caribbean’s ‘Next Big Thing’, the Dominican Republic. Great for beach activities and good on the pocket, this Latin American country is a good tourist resort. Much more than beach resorts; this is one of the Caribbean’s most geographically versatile countries, from splendid mountain scenery to desert savannahs, with added reminiscent colonial architecture and hospitable people.



8. Turkey

See rich culture and fantastic food for your taste buds here in Turkey. With affordable travel prices, low cost air tickets and bus fares make your trip an easy one. Gain your knowledge of the freshly inaugurated Abraham’s Path walking trail, where lodging is in meek Kurdish homestays, far from the tourist hustle of the coast or Istanbul’s Old Town and feast on the jaw watering Turkish cuisine in Gaziantep; travel to view the ruins of Göbekli Tepe near Sanliurfa or check out the history in the old settlements of Mardin and Midyat.