Top 10 Windows 7 Gadgets

By now, the words “gadgets” and “Windows 7” need no introduction to the readership of this blog. Gadgets are tiny things that makes your life easy. Some serve specialized purposes, such as the minimize gadget for minimizing all the windows on your screen with just one click [no need to explain why you would need THAT one 😉 ] ;while some of them have no purpose at all,like “Desktop Eyes” following the movement of your cursor, or gadgets that create fireworks on your desktop and even dancing babies*shudders*…Then there are the useful ones that connect to your social networking sites, bring you your daily feeds, the weather, foreign exchange rates, even what’s cooking in the nearest restaurant!

Here is a list of the 10 must-have windows 7 gadgets for the sane, mostly busy, and not-so-average windows 7 user:

10. The Language Translator Gadget

The Google Translator engine integrated into a small handy gadget for your desktop translation needs and it covers about 54 languages with a pretty decent translation job. To work it needs to connect to the internet and won’t work offline.


Translation using Lanugage Translator Gadget

9. Clipboard Manager

Hate it when your last copied item isn’t readily available when you select a new one, and you have to go all the way to find the clipboard? This little gadget caters to all your quick clipboard requirements. Around 5-6 recent copies, and filtering out any unnecessary stuff you don’t want saved on your clipboard. Download

Clipboard Manager