How to track iPhone location and movement with iPhone tracker

If you want to track your iPhone location and its movement on maps, you can track it by using iPhone tracker. IPhone tracker is a free application which can tell you about the location and movement of your iOS device. This application works by passing through locally stored iPhone backup files and placing stored location

Top 10 Construction Fails

Unfortunately places with less experienced engineers or no proper engineers at all, tend to get ugly, sometimes visually and sometimes mortally. But today we take a look at 10 worst construction mistakes all around the world, which may not only prove harmless in most cases, but may prove to be quite funny. No 10. An

Samsung Unveils Fully Automated Sentry Robot that can Track, Kill Humans

The machine-gun-toting sentry robot recently unveiled by Samsung’s Techwin division is the antithesis of Isaac Asimov’s three laws of robotics.┬áThe Intelligent Surveillance and Guard Robot is a stationary unit armed with a 5.5-millimeter K3 machine gun and a second gun that fires rubber bullets.