Man Builds An Amazing Titanic Replica From Scrap

It took two and a half year to build a 1:100 scale replica of Titanic for the boat-model enthusiast Jason King. The 40-year old ambitious man utilized each possibly useful material to build his little dream boat. He used scrap metals, old clockworks and even VCRs. Although there have been various Titanic models in the

Top 10 3D Blue-Ray Movies

When it comes to movie than yes we talk Blue-Ray, and even in Blue- Ray what if the fun gets doubled by 3D. We thought we should share some best 3D Blue-ray movies, as in case of 3D we all are familiar that this technology costs a lot, and infact the creation of two images

Top 10 Expensive Crashes

The following article will brief you about the multi millionaire even multi billionaire dollars losses. Here we go take a look; #10. British Liner Titanic $150 Million The most famous British Liner sank in the year April 14, 1912. On its maiden voyage from England to New York the sparkling new beauty of the sea hit