The $4.6 Million Lamborghini Veneno

Behold the most stylish and aggressive car on the planet. Lamborghini presents a breath holding supercar named “Veneno”. If you are thirsty for meaner looks, then this car will fulfill your every wicked desire. Lamborghini has certainly taken a “we don’t give a damn” approach for this model. The Italian brand is celebrating its 50th anniversary, so on this occasion they introduced this bad boy in town.

Veneno carries 6.5 liter V12 engine which can produce an impressive 740 horsepower. It has seven speed transmission and this whole setup allows it to boost from zero to sixty in under three seconds. It has the top speed of 220 miles per hour and is packed with brutal looks and lavish interior. There are only three of these vehicles made, all of which are already sold. This work of art & engineering costed $4.6 million per unit to the three lucky consumers.