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Steve Jobs’ Most Significant Contribution To Apple

Almost over a decade ago, Jobs did not only reveal but also made everyone believe that the most important thing to do then was to shift the company’s focus towards customer-centric solutions. Today, many experts believe that this was Jobs most significant contribution to Apple. When Jobs came up with this, one heckler yelled out

Apple University: Steve Jobs’ Legacy

According to the LA Times, Apple has designed an internal project with the name of  “Apple University “to take the company successfully into the future. This project came to the scene back in May when Steve Jobs hired dean of Yale School of Management Joel Podolny to operate an internal group featuring business professors and

Best Way To Honor Steve Jobs

The shock of losing a loved one is full of grief and takes a long period to recover. Very few people in this world met Steve Jobs in person but almost everyone has felt the loss. This is only because of the fact that this man taught us how to live a better life, how