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20 Cool Star Wars Gifts To Consider For Your Star Wars-Fonded Loved Ones

The Star Wars movie is just around the corner and I can bet that a big percent of the gifts being given for Christmas will be Star Wars-related. So, you can look out for your Star Wars phone case or your Star Wars pyjama set as this holiday season definitely will be dominated by Star Wars-themed

You Can Now Have The Death Star For Breakfast Waffle Style

Nowadays you don’t have to have you waffle in the plain old circular shape with squares, you can now shape it into faces and things, making things more interesting. Now you can eat a waffle shaped like Star Wars’ Death Star. I’m pretty sure that Star Wars fans will be energized in the morning by

Top 10 Cool Things to Do with MacBook

“Be bloody, bold, and resolute! Laugh to scorn the power of man, for none of woman born shall harm MacBook.” Yes, this is a quote for the MacBook, or the great MacBook as some say, it’s great because “it simply works.” The MacBook is equipped with the pretty intelligent SMS or the Sudden Motion Sensor,

20 Hilarious Images on How to Hold iPhone 4

The excitement about the iPhone 4 has quickly been shadowed by a myriad of hardware and software issues such as screen discoloration [later explained to be drying glue], antenna and reception problems, mis-matched volume buttons, rear cameras that refuse to work, and proximity sensor failure. As we all know, the external antenna on the iPhone4