Handy Device Monitors Your Breathing & Keeps You Calm

A stressful day at work is all it takes to trigger your brain to respond with shallow breathing. This pocket device is here to help you to stay focused and relaxed during those strenuous times. The Spire device is a new activity tracker that regulates your breathing pattern. The gadget is able to monitor your breathing

Top 10 Hubble images

The starry sky has always fascinated man; from the pre-historic times man has always wondered  what is up there that shines, what is up there that moves and in his quest to uncover the mysteries of space has made ample discoveries to satisfy his appetite for knowledge and curiosity, if only temporarily. Named after Edwin

18 Amazing Building Wonders from Construction World

Not all buildings are the same and some are pretty darn unique. Construction and architecture have risen to a new level altogether with great minds working vigorously towards building a world with breathtaking structures that were a far cry from even imagining forget seeing them for real. The following 18 images are of amazing engineering