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Unleash Your Inner Spidey Moves

We all wonder what it might feel like to possess Spider-Man’s enhanced physiology, agility, lateral crawling abilities and general awesomeness. Well lucky Londoners have a chance to find out, sort of, if they head to Dalston House – where you be a real web-slinger without putting yourself in danger.   The ‘magic’ behind Dalston House

An Eye Of A Drop

These stunning are pictures taken by Markus Reugels, a passionate water artist who loves to take pictures of water with his artistic qualities. Markus explains that his love for art started when he was 8. He says, that his work inspires himself too, The different shapes of water and its diversity take him to a

13-Year-Old Builds Vacuum-Powered Spider-Man to Climbs Walls

Meet your friendly neighborhood Spider-Kid! It’s the stuff of childhood dreams, right? A boy in Cambridge, England, can climb the walls just like his favorite superhero. OK, Vacuum-Boy’s powers are slightly less subtle than Peter Parker’s. But you have to love 13-year-old Hibiki Kono’s creativity. He spent five months designing and building his Spider-Man gear