solar power

STELLA — World’s First Solar Powered Family Car

Talking about the cars, one would love to have cheaper fuel sourcea and high efficiency cars both at the same time! Solar powered cars give the best call for this solution so far. There have been lots of speculation about hybrid cars but that’s not it. Many people have came up with innovative ideas. Out

Solar Lamps For Developing Nations

Famous Danish artist Olafur Eliasson has done fabulous things in his career. One of his mind blowing arts was of New York City waterfalls. Well, this time around, he is thinking of something different; something unique that can actually help people all over the world. He is making solar powered lamps that can glow like the sun.

Transparent Solar Cells Will Be The New Power Generators

Researchers at UCLA have now made transparent solar cells. Imagine a glass which can generate power and that glass could be your room’s window, your car’s windshield or even the screen of your mobile phone. Compared with a regular glass, transparent solar cells are 70% efficient and clear, which is not really bad. But the

3D Solar Panels More Efficient Than Predecessors

A 3D solar panel was a research project for some MIT students and it was found that this kind of three dimension solar capturing tower proved to be more efficient than the regular solar sheets. It was 2 to 20 times more effective than the normal solar sheets we are using now a days. The design is

Solar Farms to Power Europe by 2050

During the colonial era, European countries set up outposts in Africa where they could get cheap labor and natural resources. And today Europeans build solar farms in Africa, extracting sunlight from the Sahara to power high-tech cities in the north According to Inhabitat: If just one percent of the Saharan Desert were covered in concentrating