solar energy

Nano Particles Boil Freezing Water Using Solar Power

A year ago, scientists came up with a new technology that could utilize solar energy to heat up a blend of water and nano particles to generate steam without boiling the water. The idea of using it in medical autoclaves was presented recently in a meeting with American Chemical Society. The mechanism is simple; water is set

This Lamp is Powered By Gravity (Video)

We humans have done a lot of efforts to make production of light cheaper and ECO friendly. Almost every abundant natural source has been tested to obtain energy. Most popular are water, wind and solar energy. But we never happened to see any work on gravity. Two London based designers Martin Riddiford and Jim Reeves came

3D Solar Panels More Efficient Than Predecessors

A 3D solar panel was a research project for some MIT students and it was found that this kind of three dimension solar capturing tower proved to be more efficient than the regular solar sheets. It was 2 to 20 times more effective than the normal solar sheets we are using now a days. The design is