solar cells

Transparent Solar Cells Will Be The New Power Generators

Researchers at UCLA have now made transparent solar cells. Imagine a glass which can generate power and that glass could be your room’s window, your car’s windshield or even the screen of your mobile phone. Compared with a regular glass, transparent solar cells are 70% efficient and clear, which is not really bad. But the

Biggest Solar Energy Boat

The biggest solar energy boat is totally plan to run on solar cells and is equipped with a great number of solar cells. This boat is planned to take the entire route of the world with all its solar panel energy. This boat is named as TÛRANOR which is termed to be the world’s biggest sailing

Marine Solar Cells Invented

A new type of solar cells that works in water, invented by a British Industrial designer Phil Pauley. The design of the cells are some what similar to floating mines you see. Its a mesh which actually produces energy from water and sun in the same time. The idea of the creation could be very

Why is Free Energy Impossible?

Free energy is perhaps the Holy Grail of everything, but somehow it happens to elude us even in a technologically sophisticated society such as ours. We tell you through Steve Nelson, a Physics professor who holds a Ph. D. from Duke University, that why free energy as depicted in the following images or schemes is