Amazing Snow Art!

Snow is all about having fun with your friends and family. Taking an adventurous tour or hiking the snow valleys. People with different taste enjoy their winters in different styles. While we found out an ambitious artist named Sonja Hinrichsen, she started enjoying the winter with her own passion and art. Making circles in snow by

Sugar Helps By Slowing Critical Rusting

Winter season brings alot of excitement plus it also brings troubles with itself. Like one major problem during snowfall is that roads get blocked by a dump of snow which makes driving difficult, even if your municipal dozer tucks its job regularly. A solution for such problem was made that you simply add up some salt to the

Winter Adventures! Make Some Fire With Ice

Making a trip or a tour for winter with friends or family? Ready for adventure and your scouting skills which you learned in your childhood! Lets add a tip for your scavenger inventory. When so ever leaving for a adventure like ice climbing, winter camping or any thing you always get ready for your equipment before having the out

Snow Chopper Made from Junk–in Antarctica

Let’s say you’re stationed in Antarctica at the McMurdo Station research center. And let’s say your job is to help maintain the fleet of snowmobiles the U.S. uses down there. And let’s say your former job skilled you in parts fabrication.