Brushing Teeth And Diagnosing Problem Made Easy!

How many of you brush your their teeth twice or thrice a day but still get some plague or gums problems? It looks awkward to you when you can’t find any plague but you are feeling the pain at the same time. Well a concept for making out things easy is done by using a Smart tooth brush and the mirror. The tooth brush got sensor in it which could actually feel and sense out the problem. It gives you your teeth details on the mirror and you can view it over there easily and diagnose the problem. You can even search for it to get a read about it in your leisure time.

The good and the smart thing is that you could directly contact to your dentist through it which could either way guide you or can bring you for an appointment. This way you can save your time and money for useless visit to the dentists. The smart mirror also puts some suggestions for you to tackle the problems. You can easily ensure and visualize your problem.

No doubt its a smart way to the future! isn’t it?