The Boy Got Some Talent!

We have seen artists with their different and unique mediums to express their talent.  But this story is matchless because this smart artist has invented a completely new drawing style with the same conventional mediums. Brian Lai, a brilliant Malaysian artist is able to make rough sketches show up into full-fledged realistic drawings, when edited

When Your Body Becomes Your Canvas

There are countless tattoo artists around the world, but a film student Jodi Steel from Boston found a new fascinating skill to inspire art lovers and tattoo fanatics. Using her body as the canvas, she brilliantly created implausible sketches. She received recognition when photos went viral. It started with normal doodling just like every bored

The Art From Pen

Creative talent has no stopping,  today we get to present you a collection of Sarah Esteje arts. The arts are purely made from normal pen and we found such neatness and depth in this art that we found it worthy to share it with you people. As far as we know, pen drawings are a bit

Toyota To Send Robots To The Moon

Toyota recently unveiled a presentation called, “Realization of Moon Exploration Using Advanced Robots by 2020.”  This is part of the Toyota Partner Robot program. The robots start out by helping us humans on Earth, but then move to the Moon.