The Most Expensive Shotgun Ever!

A hunting shotgun which you would have never seen. The VO Vapen a¬†Swedish¬†company manufactured the world’s most expensive shotgun having worth $820,000! Now after the jump look at the pictures. The gun is entirely made from hand work with having limited pieces. And its the most luxurious gun with the elegant looks. You really can’t

Future Weapons – AA-12 Full-auto Shotgun | Airsoft Gun | Pistols | M4 | Ak-47 | Sniper Rifle

Future Weapons – AA-12 Full-auto Shotgun =[ It’s Time To Change ]= Subscribe to get closer with us All right to Discovery Channel. | Airsoft Gun | Pistols | Adobe After Effect | Muzzle Flash effect | Real Gun | M4 | Glock | Beretta | Full Auto | US Army… Note: This is

BlackWater Weapons: Engineering Shotguns

Have you ever wondered what equipment Blackwater personal use? Well they donot use off the shelves weapons and thats why they are considered better armed than US militray personal. In 2008, a federal grand jury in North Carolina investigated allegations the controversial private security firm Blackwater illegally shipped assault weapons and silencers to Iraq, hidden