Report: Apple Cutting Fourth Quarter iPhone Component Orders

As per a report published in Taiwan’s Commercial Times, Apple has cut orders for iPhone components by 10-15% during the fourth quarter. It has been claimed by the report that a significant slowdown has been encountered in the sales of the device since the pre-order and launch phase. The production of iPad may also be facing some cutbacks.

The suppliers, cases and camera lens makers and ODM assemblers of iPhone 4S have received notices from Apple to bring down their shipments for the fourth quarter.

The indication of revenues reducing by 10-15% during the fourth quarter due to the shipment adjustments has also been anticipated by some international IC players. One thing worth noting here is that this situation has risen despite the fact that sales of the iPhone 4S in its opening weekend last month were noticeably higher than the iPhone 4.

Apple Places Order For 10 Million iPhone 5 Units Ahead Of September Launch

It’s increasingly looking like that rumor claiming the iPhone 5 won’t be getting launched until October was incorrect. Not only has it been reported that Apple has sent the fifth-generation device for carrier testing, a step taken only weeks before a scheduled launch, but according to DigiTimes, 10 million iPhone 5 units have been ordered by the company expected to begin shipment in September.

The very short report begins:

“Pegatron Technology has landed orders for 10 million units of iPhone 5 to become the second ODM of the smartphone. Shipments will start in September, according to industry sources.”

Earlier this week, AllThingsD issued a report citing a “well-known source” that claimed the iPhone 5 would not turn up during September, but in October instead. However, a number of stories since then say otherwise; most noteworthy is yesterday’s news that the device has already been sent to carriers for testing, a step which typically only happens a few weeks before a device is set to launch.

DigiTimes further reports that in addition to the iPhone 5, Pegatron is looking forward to compete for orders for Apple’s iPad, MacBook Air and other popular products that have higher profit margins than the iPhone.

New MacBook Airs Are Indeed Speedy

As reported previously, Apple introduced third generation models of its ultraportable MacBook Air line earlier this week. Offered in 11 and 13-inches, the new Airs sport Intel core i5 and i7 processors, support for Bluetooth 4.0, faster RAM, and gratefully, a new backlit keyboard as well. Also in tow is Thunderbolt, Apple’s new transfer technology it developed jointly with Intel.

Now, it is being reported that shipments of the latest MacBook Air revamp topped half a million during the month of June and that volume is expected to remain stable throughout July and August.

The sources estimated that Apple’s MacBook series sales will reach 13-14 million units in 2011 and may even reach 15 million units, while adding that Apple is the only vendor that has provided a full shipments forecast to the first quarter of 2012 as the IT industry is being rather conservative about the overall demand in the second half of 2011.

iPhone 5 Leaked In China

A Chinese website has leaked out images of what appears to be an iPhone 5 running on China Mobile’s 3G network.

If the above posted leaked image is the real deal, then there happen to be two reasons for the Chinese nation to be thrilled for:

  • China Mobile is at last playing host to Apple’s high selling iPhone.
  • China will be getting iPhone 5 in the first shipment along with US and UK, as rumored before.

Some factors that add weight to this leaked image being that of an actual iPhone 5:

  • It has a baseband version of 06.10.01, which hasn’t yet been released.
  • IMEI number is missing.

These attributes have been carried out by prototype iPhone devices in the past, so we might be onto something here. But if this is in reality the iPhone 5, then we are stuck with the same old iPhone 4 design and we won’t get any edge to edge screen or a larger more beautiful design. Do let us know in the comments as to how do you find this leaked image.