AT&T Reportedly Prepping For iPhone Launch In ‘Early To Mid-September’

According to BGR report, AT&T is starting preparations for a likely “early to mid-September” launch of the next-generation iPhone. The report further states that Apple is also beefing up its retail store staffing over a similar timeframe. As per sources, AT&T has begun informing employees across the company, and those who work in retail locations,

iPhone 5 Release Set For September

According to Bloomberg, the next iPhone will be launched this September. Citing several sources with apparent knowledge of Apple’s plans, here’s what Bloomberg seems to confirm about iPhone 5: 8 megapixel camera, up from the current 5mp iPhone 5 will “closely resemble the iPhone 4? A5 CPU, same as iPad 2 iPhone 5 pushed back

Report: iPhone 5 In Final Testing, Due In September

Apple was cautious about managing hopes heading into the WWDC keynote. A week before the keynote, they spelled out precisely what they would talk about (OS X Lion, iOS 5, and iCloud) and also specifically omitted any reference to new hardware. However, rumors always had it that the next iPhone would be released sometime in