Dual-Screen Phones: Evolution or Destined for the Junk Pile?

Something is happening in the world of mobile phones. You can choose to dismiss it, or you can see it as a bold new era, but you cannot ignore it. We are entering the generation of the dual-screen smartphone, which is driving a major change in the way in which we view and use mobile devices.

In fact, dual-screen and folding phones are pushing mobile technology through its biggest evolution since dumb feature phones became smart over a decade ago. In this article, I am going to explain why dual-screen phones are the future of the smartphone world, but why those who say the tech is “right here and right now” are wrong.  

Yes, dual-screen tech is the change the mobile market needed, but now is not the time to buy into the revolution!

What Is a Dual-Screen Phone?

As the name suggests, any device that has two screens is essentially a dual-screen phone. Perhaps the best current example of a true twin-display smartphone is Microsoft’s new Surface Duo. It is designed to look like a book, with a completely bare outer shell and two separate screens inside.

However, there are also some variations on the dual-screen theme. Folding phones are also classed as dual-screen, despite a handset like the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip or the Motorola Razr 5G only having a single display. These devices use folding screen tech to deliver a twin-display experience, even if there is only one panel.

Then there is the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2, a smartphone that is something different. It too has a folding screen, allowing it to be used like a single display tablet or a dual-screen unit. It also has a screen on the outer shell. Does that make it a three-display smartphone? I am not sure, but Samsung classes it as a dual-screen device.

What are the Best Features of Dual-Screen Phones?

Here’s where it gets a little tricky. All the dual-screen smartphones look fantastic, with the Surface Duo and Galaxy Fold 2 especially standing out. However, when we scratch below the surface of these devices, there is a clear problem. Specifically, many of the benefits of what dual-screen tech can bring are not mature enough yet.

Because of their very nature, dual-screen phones provide a boost in productivity. For example, you can sit a device in a laptop-like position and use one display for the content and the other as a keyboard. Multi-tasking is the biggest change dual-screens promise, allowing you to have multiple apps and connected services open.

Sounds good, right? Well, all that is on paper because in many instances the app ecosystem has not caught up to the idea of dual screens. Until apps optimize, the multitasking and productivity promised by these products remain niche.

That means the best features on dual-screen phones remain the screen quality, camera, and UI. Yes, the very same features you would look for on a regular smartphone. And here’s the uncomfortable truth, standard smartphone flagships from Apple, Samsung, Google, and others, still deliver better displays, better cameras, and better overall experiences.

What Are the Price Points of Dual-Screen Phones? 

Dual-screen phones represent a juxtaposition in the smartphone market. They are bleeding edge technology from a hardware perspective, so their price reflects that. However, they are also simply not as good all-round products as a standard smartphone flagship. As such, the price point of dual and folding screen devices is hard to take.

For example, Microsoft’s Surface Duo costs $1,399, more than flagships from Apple, Samsung, Sony, LG, Huawei, or any other brand. Yes, the Duo is a sumptuous piece of design, but it is also in some respects a failure. Certainly, it has a “first-generation product” written all over it. Whether it’s the frankly embarrassing camera or the shaky software and gesture controls, the Surface Duo needs more years to become a refined experience.

And then there’s the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2, a device that has had the benefit of a first-gen attempt and looks better for it. This second iteration is a good smartphone with plenty of quality. However, I would say its hinge technology still looks ugly and the crease in the screen is still too distracting. Oh yes, the Galaxy Fold 2 costs around $2,000!

Spoiler alert: it is not worth it.

How Do Dual-Screen Phones Compare to Traditional Smartphones? 

Not very well is the real answer. There is not a single dual-screen or folding phone that is “better” than a standard flagship. Samsung’s Galaxy Fold 2 is perhaps the closest, but it is not even near the quality, usability, and design of the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

Microsoft would have you believe its Surface brand is a rival to Apple, and in the PC realm, it probably is. However, the admittedly stunning Surface Duo is a lame competitor next to the iPhone 12.

What I ask myself when reviewing any dual-screen smartphone is how would the product hold up if it only had a single screen? The answer is whether it’s the Galaxy Fold 2, Galaxy Z Flip, Motorola Razr, or the Surface Duo, all these handsets would be firmly in the mid-range if they have a single display. Yet, as consumers, we must pay above flagship costs for them!

If you want to be on the curve of bleeding edge, that’s the compromise you need to make. For the average consumer, it is not worth it.

So, We Should Ignore Dual-Screen Phones?

This is where I am going to send some mixed messages. You probably should ignore dual-screen phones, at least for the time being. However, that does not mean this form factor or type of phone is going away. In fact, it is the future.

But that’s part of the problem, it is not worth paying thousands of dollars for the future. You want a device that works seamlessly now and not one that promises to be good in 2023. Of course, there are some people who love to have the latest and greatest. Fine, but most consumers want a smartphone that looks good, works, and without compromises. At the moment, dual-screen handsets are full of compromises.

This form factor is not ready to take over the smartphone world just yet, so wait two or three years for improvements across software, hardware, and price before buying. 


Samsung’s New ‘Safety Trucks’ Line Brings See Through Trucks To Make Roads Safer

Statistics show that in Argentina, nearly one person dies in a car crash every hour and in some of these cases trucks are involved. Samsung is however looking to put a change to this with hopes to successfully implement a new technology that you bet will save the lives of drivers who look to overtake semi-trailer trucks on single-lane roads when they get impatient of being stuck behind them. The Korean company’s new line called the ‘Safety Trucks’, aims to reduce the high number of traffic accidents that occur on one-lane roads when overtaking in Argentina.


The new line of trucks will make use of cameras, wireless video and huge display screens to allow drivers to see what is coming down the pike towards them, without having to pull out into the way of incoming traffic to check out for yourself.

At the front of the safety trucks, wireless cameras will be installed to capture everything that happens on the road ahead. The video captured will then be broadcast to a large display screen that is made up of four video monitors which are located on the back of the truck. According to the company, the monitors will “give drivers behind the truck a view of what is going on ahead, even in the dark of night.”

The prototype of the truck was tested with a business-to-business client, and it was confirmed that the technology works to save lives and it is now no longer operational.

“The next step is to perform the corresponding tests in order to comply with the existing national protocols and obtain the necessary permits and approvals,” the firm said. “For this, Samsung is working together with safe driving NGOs and the government.”

Samsung’s New Mirror Display Technology Is Precisely What All Busy People NEED

Thanks to Samsung’s latest display technology, you will be able to see information like traffic delays as you take your morning shower, and even check out what’s happening on social media. What was initially designed to create a ‘virtual necklace’ for a jewellery firm was altered to become the industry’s first Mirror and Transparent OLED display panel. At an event that was held in Hong Kong, the Korean firm shared that the technology can be used to provide personalised style advise, the weather forecast, notifications and much more.

“Samsung has a long legacy of leadership in technology innovation for digital signage, as well as for other applications, and we are now leading the next wave of digital signage advancement with our Mirror and Transparent OLED display solutions,” the tech giants said.

The new technology features a 55-inch mirror that is fitted with a transparent OLED at its front. Intel’s Real Sense technology, which can be described as a ‘virtual fitting room’ uses 3D cameras display clothes and other items virtually on the viewer just as if they were wearing them, was also included. This technology by Intel also provides a front facing camera which can capture subtle facial and hand movements, a rear-facing camera that can accurately scan and measure rooms and objects, and a snapshot camera that can alter a photo’s background after a photo was taken.

With hopes to launch the technology in leading stores around the world, they have also already partnered with the Chow Sang Sang jewellers. In adding that the Samsung Mirror Display might just completely replace home mirrors in the future, it was said that it has more than 75 per cent reflectance level and delivers at least 50 per cent higher reflectance than rival models. As it relates to response time, LCD transparent panels eight milliseconds record stood defeated when compared to the new technology’s less than on millisecond speed.

Along with being perfect for homes, the Mirror Display technology would work perfect for showing adverts, public and transport information, and even displaying the various items in shops.

“We are very excited to help bring a new interactive dimension to the world of multi-channel shopping through the integration of our newest OLED displays with Intel RealSense technology,” vice president of Samsung Display Company, Oseung Yang said.

Deaf Man Receives Awing Surprise From His Entire Neighbourhood

Most if not all of us love surprises, the good ones in particular. Surprising people with positive, unexpected events that took much time to prepare, is one of the best ways to tell someone that you love and appreciate them.This deaf man living in Istanbul received this sort of surprise. Muharrem went out one morning to find that everyone he bumped into in his neighbourhood responded to him in sign language, something he found very different.

Pioneered by teams from Samsung and the Leo Burnett ad agency, the initiative was carried out by setting up cameras in areas where they would travel and having people from the neighbourhood being secretly taught how to speak sign language. On the appointed day, Muharrem’s sister Ozlem, took him for a walk, and he was stunned to meet so many people greeting him with sign language, knowing that the number of people in the world that can do sign language are very few. As he stepped outside he was greeted with a “good morning” in sign language by an old man. That he found pleasant.

Things then became weird for him when the local baker was in on it too, offering bagels in sign language. It didn’t get any less surprising for Muharrem when a man at the grocer’s dropped his oranges and when Muharrem and Ozlem stooped to help him pick them up, the man offered them each an apple, in sign language. Muharrem confused asks his sister why everyone is signing.

Thought the signing would stop? Muharrem and Ozlem gets into a cab and they are greeted in sign language by the taxi driver.

As they head into the town square, the team of participants prepare for the finale where he is surrounded by his signing neighbours who all raised their hand waving them in the air. Muharrem’s reaction is simply awing, showing how important it is to break down communication barriers and how meaningful that can be for people who experience those barriers everyday.



Check out the inspiring video below.


Samsung Creates 2-Room ‘Dream Doghouse’ For The Finest Dogs

Some people can afford to treat their dog with the finest of things, feeding them out of silver plates, giving them manicures and pedicures on a frequent basis, and dressing them in brand name clothes.


Recently, Samsung unveiled a $30,000 two-room ‘Dream Doghouse’ that offers your thoroughly-pampered pooch with a hot tub, astroturf-covered treadmill, paw-operated food dispenser, velour upholstery and a wall-mounted tablet. The doghouse which takes on a stylish, sleek and modern look was designed by a team of 12 architects and features the kind of tech the discerning dog of the future will definitely need, as shared by Samsung in a press release.

Based on a survey that was conducted by Samsung with 1,500 dog owners, they discovered that 64 percent of the surveyed thought that their pup could benefit from having more technology in their life, 25 percent wanted their dog to have a tablet or TV, and 18 percent said it would be quite nice for their pet to own a hot tub. President of Samsung Electronic U.K. and Ireland, Andy Griffiths stated, “from dogs who have social media profiles, to owners who use video calling to check on their pet while away, technology is fast becoming an integral part of everyday life.”

While pups wouldn’t entirely deem this to be their dream house, many of the pet owners have expressed that the features of the crib are rather lavishing. Folks interested in buying one of the Dream Doghouse anytime soon would however be unable to as the house was made as a one-off to celebrate Crufts 2015, and it was given away in a competition last week to a lucky dog.

Samsung Now Wants To Heal The World.


Samsung has risen to fame in the mobile world over the last couple of years rolling out smart phone after smart phone. Many people thought that the iPhone’s place at number one was untouchable but Samsung spent billions of dollars on marketing and reaped the rewards becoming best seller in the mobile industry followed by Apple and Huawei.

However, Samsung would have done their research and know that it’s place at number one in the smart phone industry is not impregnable. The likes of the Motorola in the early RAZR era, Sony Ericsson in its Walkman pursuit  and Blackberry riding on BBM have all seen their empires deteriorated.

According to Bloomberg, Samsung is investing more than US$2 billion in the bio pharmaceuticals market and will be focusing on drugs that are void of patent protection. The market is expected to generate US$220 billion in sales over the next five years and the company believes they could become dominant leaders in the division.

“We are in an infancy still,” Christopher Hansung Ko, chief executive officer at the Samsung Bioepis unit, said in an interview. “We are a Samsung company. Our mandate is to become No. 1 in everything we enter into, so our long-term goal is to become a leading pharmaceutical company in the world.”

While many remain sceptical about Samsung’s ability to successfully strive in the medical world it should be noted that the company began in 1938 by selling rice, noodles and local Korean produce for many years. Samsung has made it clear that they will not abandon the technological field, however with profit margins beginning to shrink , the company is simply diversifying into an area it believes will be both profitable and equally as successful.

Inside the Samsung Biologics Co. factory in Incheon, South Korea.

Samsung will not have an easy walk to the top in the Pharmaceuticals arena with Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson leading the way. The last time they challenged one of the “big boys” for top spot, they eventually became the leader in that industry. Who was the casualty you ask? Multi-billion dollar Apple.






Top 10 features of The New Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung is ruling the mobile phone industry when it comes to smart phones. Samsung’s Galaxy series has broken all sales records and SII was one of the most sold phone in last few years. The latest model; Samsung Galaxy 4 is the next big thing. Today we have compiled a list of top 10 features of Samsung Galaxy S4 for you.

10. S-Health

The new Galaxy comes armed with all the health care features you need. Just a few basic inputs and your Samsung Galaxy S4 will help you with your diet and exercise. This feature definitely gives it an edge over other smart phones where you need to download and install a third party application for this purpose.

9. Screen

Going big isn’t something that comes as a shock but a super AMOLED 5” with 441 ppi density is definitely an eye opener. Here’s a figure for comparison; Apple’s iphone 5 has a screen density of 326 ppi. Want to watch HD videos? Or are you planning to play games? Whatever it is, this screen will make it look and feel much better!

8. Octa-core processor

Let’s talk about processing power, shall we? While most of the smart phones are still at quad core processing,  Samsung Galaxy S4 comes with an Octa cored processor. 1.6 GHz Octa core processor is bound to give it an edge when it comes down to speed and processing power.

Samsung Vs Apple – Who Is Winning

Samsung has been doing great in smartphones lately. Remarkably, the company has made record breaking profits in Q3 2012, they also led in global smartphone shipments last year. Samsung latest smartphone, the Galaxy S3 has also seen huge sucess and according to the latest stats, out of five weeks, four weeks were S3’s best selling weeks.

The only concern for the South Korean company was the launch of Apple’s next device i.e iPhone 5. Many consumers were holding fire to buy the new phone, as they wanted to see the offering of Apple. Upon the unveiling of iPhone 5, there was a mixed response.While iPhone 5 did sell in numbers, there was a major shift over of many consumers towards Samsung.

Now despite the big success, Samsung made $7.4 Billion profit whereas Apple made $8.2 Billion net profit during the same time.This seems strange as Samsung has a larger market share and has apparently shipped more devices than Apple but it is all explained by the fact that Apple’s per device margin is way higher.
Samsung Galaxy S3 is still expected to sell more in holiday season. Moreover, the latest Galaxy Note 2 will give Samsung a big boost in market and as far as we can see it will definitely set new records for Samsung!

Samsung Canada Sent A Customized GS3 To A Long Time Fan

The story is as interesting as the title. Few months ago, a Canadian Samsung fan Shane Bennett contacted Samsung Canada on their Facebook page. He asked them to send him a free Galaxy S3 since he has been a loyal customer to the brand for the past many years. Along with his request he sent a drawing that he made himself, A fire breathing dragon.

Now ofcourse you can’t get a phone in return of a drawing, so Samsung Canada politely declined the request but returned a gesture of appreciation with a drawing of their own. The drawing had a kangaroo with a unicycle. This led to a lot of positive publicity for Samsung.

Eventually Samsung decided to call Shane Bennett on exclusive launch party of Galaxy S3 and after that they sent him a customized GS3 phone too. Now its a bit crazy just how the phone was customized. The box had the same drawing of a dragon over it. On opening the box there was a special thanks letter for Bennett from Samsung. And then inside there was a phone with a same drawing of dragon on back and front. The drawing at rear was understandable but the drawing at the front was confusing until the phone was turned on and the first default wallpaper completed it.

Its one of a kind device, so there is no chance that anyone could ever get their hands on these. There are some of the pictures of that device below

Will iPhone 5 Look Like This? Confirmed Leak Pictures

Will it be the return of the King of phones or will Samsung continue to dominate the smartphone market? There is no doubt that in recent times, Samsung has given a whole new taste and dimension to smart phones and has therefore stood out as the leader in technology. But Apple will certainly try to maintain its position as the “smartphone leader”. However, this will not be possible, unless Apple manages to include some “WoW” features in their upcoming device to regain its popularity.

In recent times, we have seen many designs and concepts of Apple’s upcoming iPhone 5, including the famous iPhone 5 LiquidMetal concept. But now we have got some confirmed (from various sources) leak pictures and a video regarding iPhone 5 shape and design.

Looking at the shape and size, Apple has focused on enlarging the display and reducing the thickness of phone. Moreover, the back of the phone has been replaced with some metal brushed coating. The design has more or less a resemblance to its predecessors.

Although these are dubbed as “confirmed leak” images of the iPhone 5, we cannot be sure of their originality. We can’t say if Apple will carry the same design or will there be some changes in the final product. For now watch the gallery of this leaked design and stay tuned for more updates.



A Chinese website has leaked images of an iPhone 5 claiming to be the real photos. Check them out here