Samsung vs Apple

Samsung Vs Apple – Who Is Winning

Samsung has been doing great in smartphones lately. Remarkably, the company has made record breaking profits in Q3 2012, they also led in global smartphone shipments last year. Samsung latest smartphone, the Galaxy S3 has also seen huge sucess and according to the latest stats, out of five weeks, four weeks were S3’s best selling

Samsung To Supply A6 Chips For iPhone 5

The Korean Times state Samsung to supply the A6 processor for the iPhone 5, or whatever Apple calls its next phone. This statement is probably a result of the boost observed in the Samsung’s production of Apple-designed A6 chips at its plant in Austin, Texas. The anonymous executive from Apple told The Korean Times, “Apple

Samsung’s Lawyers Demand To See iPhone 5 And iPad 3

In April, Samsung was sued by Apple for blatantly replicating iPhone and iPad. Samsung counter sued Apple for patent infringements. Though, we knew that it was not the last we would hear about the Apple/Samsung lawsuit saga, we never thought that it would take such a twist. A couple of days back, a federal judge