A Must Have App For Car Lovers

You call yourself a fan of smart engine? a lover of car? Well then there is a must have app for you in Apple store. Pity for those who don’t have iPad, since it is an official iPad app! The app contains detailed knowledge of cars and their engine, sound, documentary, 360 viewing pictures and videos.

Porsche 918 Spyder Hybrid To Go On Sale

The car is powered by both a petrol engine and electric motor and will be based on a prototype unveiled at this year’s Geneva car show. It can go from 0-62mph in 3.2 seconds, has a top speed of 198mph and will be able to travel up to 16 miles on battery power alone. The

Mercedes Unveils All-Electric AMG E-cell Supercar!

Mercedes has just released the first images of their prototype Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG E-Cell electric supercar. Not only it is propelled by an array of battery powered motors — it also has DeLorean-style (gull-wing) doors, a redesigned front suspension, and paint job specially named Lumilectric Mango. Check out our gallery for a detailed look at