How to run Mac OS on iPhone

It sounds strange to run a Mac OS on iPhone, iPad or on iPod touch, but it is possible to run a classic Mac OS on iPhone. Macintosh Plus is required to run Mac on iOS device directly. You need to have a jail broken iPhone or iPod touch, Mac plus ROM image, mini vMac

Top 10 iPhone Games

There is lot of games on web to offer for iphone.It gives lot of enjoyment and help to kill a time.It is easily install on your iphone set with little bit effort. 10) Castle Smasher Although it looks like a similar to a simplified, Angry Birds, Castle Smasher plays, but in different ways, The game

Predicting Movies With The Posters!

Now what comes in your mind after watching a specific movie poster yet you know it┬áhaven’t┬áreleased yet? Ever thought?? Well its simple you will find majority of the movies having the same theme line and having the same posters! Now you might be giving stress on your brain that where do i have seen two