Robotic Pet Fish Available For Your Aquarium Now

Okay now anyone who has ever owned an aquarium full of fishes knows the difficulty in maintenance of pets and their habitat. Apparently it looks simple, but believe me it becomes quite hectic when you start taking care of your pet fish and their needs. To overcome such problems in these days of advanced robotics, Takara Tomy has come up with an idea of bringing robo-realistic fish to the market. Although it looks quite bizarre to have robotic pets but this could be the best solution for the lazy pet owners.

Takara Tomy’s robo-realistic fish can do almost anything what a real fish can do. They can swim in random patterns, eat, mimic their movements like a fish, they can even gather in schools of fish. Each Robofish is powered by two lithium-ion watch batteries which drive the unit’s tail movements. So far the only short -coming is that of their appearance, as they look like real fishes from distance but once observer peek in he can clearly identify them as robotic. Perhaps better cosmetic features in future can remove such complaints as well. These robotic fish were unveiled at the International Toy Show in Tokyo earlier this year. The price is $37 per piece.  Take a look at the pictures below.