The Internet Once Again Takes A Sleeping Intern On Adventures With Photoshop

The internet has done it again. This situation is more than just a snooze. A Reddit user that goes by the name of TheOrangeDuke was on his first day working an internship for a tech startup when he passed out sitting upright at his desk. “One of the associates noticed me sleeping,” he shared. “And it

Six-Year-Old’s Dream Cake Design Drawing Is Baked & Decorated To A T

It’s only facts, when you design a cake to be made for you, you expect the person doing all the baking to make it look exactly like you’ve requested. The six-year-old boy was looking to be delighted with the results of dream cake when he sketched it out on paper. The Star Wars-theme cake that

Pizza Button On US Hotel Phone Allows You To Have Pizzas Delivered At Your Door

Pizza is one of the most favored dishes right across the world. Those of us who join this number would therefore be no stranger to once dreaming of having a hot, pillowy, cheesy pizza brought straight to your door in just the push of a button. Well, there is no need to dream anymore as