Top 10 Recycled Bunkers That Are In Use Today

Who wants to see bunkers lying around useless? Sure, it brings back memories for some but for most it’s just littering our landscape. But what to do with these old bunkers? Here’s a list of top 10 ‘recycled’ bunkers or bomb shelters for you to drop your jaw at. This is just a reminder of

Cardboard Restaurant Where Everything is Made Of Cardboard Except Your Food

Yes that’s right: a restaurant where every thing is made of cardboard, except your food. Sounds strange? Well, Huang Fang-liang is the man behind this all and the restaurant named ‘Carton Restaurant’ is located inside Carton King Creativity Park, Taichung City, Taiwan. Huang Fang-liang is an expert in cardboard manufacturing and recycling. He had a strong belief

Sculptures From Old Car Parts!

This is amazing. Tom Samui and his team are fond of making some sculptures from old car parts. This sounds crazy but no doubt that creativity asks no limits, its just you, you thoughts and your determination. These sculptures made from old car parts really require a hard effort and according to Tom it takes

Shape-Shifting Battery Which Fits Every Size

Rechargeable batteries are a solution for keeping batteries out of the landfill, but you still have to have the right size for your device, which means buying more batteries. What if you could buy just a small handful of batteries that fit all of your devices? That’s the solution presented by The A to D