Now Fly Your Angry Bird The Way You Like

With more than 10 Million downloads, Rovio has been at the top of the world in Game Market of Android, iOS and other platforms. With the success of over thousands of hits every day company extended the scope of their business by releasing toys, pillows, cartoons, t-shirts, cases and much much more and the list doesn’t end by scrolling down. Carrying the same idea these people have introduced a new toy, angry helicopters in market. The product is actually a bird which is given some wings and a remote control to fly it.

Right now the RED Angry pig smasher is on the manufacturing side but we will be seeing other birds latter as well. The RC helicopter is for children of age eight and plus. The little remote controlled bird can fly upto an altitude of 15 meters. But the unfortunate thing is that the six AA batteries will keep this tiny bird up in air for hardly eight to ten minutes and you would be needing atleast 40 minutes to recharge it for next flight. The little copter is tagged for $49.95.

Check out the video below.


RC iNitro Speeder Turned To Be Apple Toy

If you are a toy geek and want to make up a good collection then this is something definitely for you. There are many RC cars out there in market but this particular Hot-Wheels iNitro speeder got the attention towards Apple family. Well if your are thinking that you might get your hands over this RC iNitro via your iPhone, iPod or iPad then you are certainly right. This little Mustang GT named iNitro Speeder from Mattel gives you the opportunity to drive by your iPhone in various styles.



The little car is not much sophisticated but it is truly a great thing which kids would like. If you turn over the car you could see the turn on/off button with a little port that actually docks in your dual slider controller with the help of a wire that come out of the remote and it charges the little Mustang GT. The car body is made up of relatively cheap plastic and the remote controller is also of a satisfactory plastic made material.

Now comes the interesting part, ofcourse you will not be spending you money to buy this tiny toy to play it with its user build remote. Along side the remote there is an iPhone adapter that does the job. Now it actually plugs in at your Headphone port and on operating the Hot-Wheel iNitro app you come up in action mode. Here there are five ways by which you can control your mini car. Probably not the best driving i have seen on RC but still it is good enough to give it a try. The pre-defined routes don’t lag that much but the custom made route for mini Mustang troubles her in movement.

If you are a toy collector, then its a must have for you! Check out the video