Mini Quadcopters No More A Fiction

For all tech geeks this might be a big news since Mini Quadcopters are no more a fiction gadget! Yes thats right, those little tiny flying machines which you might have seen in computer games are now reality. Meet the Crazyflie Nano Quadcopter that has the potential to help jump-start the era of personal drones

Quadcopters Expanding The Possibilities

Technological innovation seems endless; we have taken steps towards the future where we will see things that a few years back, we could not have even imagined. Talking about the Quadcopters, these little flying robots can do almost anything you can imagine; from construction to cargo lifting, they can do anything. These little robots can

50 Quad-copters Put An Air Show Making A New Record [VIDEO]

A couple of days ago, residents of Linz, Austria, saw some dancing lights in the sky in the form of 50 synchronized quad-copters. The show was called “The Cloud In The Web” and was performed by 50 AscTec Hummingbird quad-copters, all communicating via radio. The team which was controlling these ‘lights’ was formed of Ars Electronica Futurelab and