Now Print Your Docs From FedEx

Since 2010 Google has been providing Cloud Print Services which (in case you don’t know) allows the user to print the document from their phones. Time to upgrade process! Now you can print your desired documents from any local FedEx office. And if you are any┬ábusiness┬áperson or a student who is worried for his assignments

Video: How Plastic Banknotes Are Made

There are more than three billion polymer notes in use in more than 22 countries. For hundreds of years, banknotes have been made from rag-based paper. However, the increase in counterfeiting techniques, such as colour photocopiers and scanners, has meant that paper may not be the best material for making currency. CSIRO and Note Printing

Top 5 Future Technologies That Will Transform Your Life

During the next decade, 10 rapidly developing technologies will begin to transform life as we know it for years to come, according to scholars at George Washington University, Washington, D.C. Here are the soon-to-come breakthroughs