MV-22 Osprey fit for a president. Well, for the president’s dog at least.

You are President of United States and you can choose absolutely any ride you want: so what would it be? A super fast car or a super fast jet? Anything you choose, you would definitely not be allowed to compromise personal security. So to enjoy both high speed in the skies and high security the

Top 10 Biggest Lies Ever Told In History

History teaches us so many valuable lessons. However, the most important one is that deceit has helped people acheive goals that they wouldnt have otherwise. People have manipulated societies with their lies and deceits resulting in earning power, fame and money at the price of loss of lives. What follows is a mere summary of

Top 10 Armoured Cars

Tailored to withstand even a small nuclear explosion, armoured vehicles are safe havens for the top ranking personnels who are under constant life-threatening risks. Armoured cars are inconspicuous and are fortified by inches-thick armour plates that can survive a head-on mortar or rocket-grenade attack. Today, we take a look at the 10 best armoured cars