The grotesque human-puppet world of Marie-Lou Desmeules

Look closely at these pics and you’ll start to see the human body turning into sculpted semi-humanoid form. Marie-Lou Desmeules’ jaw dropping artistic efforts, which she titles ‘Painting Surgeries’, transform some of our most iconic modern figures into intentionally grotesque sculptures. She does this by turning her own body the bodies of her models into the

Paper Laptops

The greener the world the healthier we are. Stepping in this century one of the most focused aspect is to save nature and to minimize the sources we utilize and control the usage of planet gifts to us. Computers and their accessories are made up of  metals and different type of plastics and non recyclable things. To save nature,

Apple Will Fix Bottomless MacBooks With New Replacement Program

A new replacement program has been launched by Apple for customers with white MacBooks who have seen their rubber base separate itself from the plastic casing leaving the undercarriage of their notebooks exposed. The issue is a result of contaminated glue and affects MacBooks shipped between October 2010 and April 2011. For those who have

NextGen Rapid Prototyping Using d-Tools

Prototyping is the pivotal activity that structures innovation, collaboration, and creativity in design. Prototypes embody design hypotheses and enable designers to test them. Framing design as a thinking-by-doing activity fore- grounds iteration as a central concern. This paper presents, a toolkit that embodies an iterative-design-centered approach to prototyping information appliances. This work offers contributions in three