Emergency Pizza Button is Best Invention Since Sliced Bread

Too stoned lazy to order a pizza? Well here is now an emergency button for it. This button is called PiePal, and it’s the idea of some wild minds at iStrategyLabs. To order your pizza with PiePal, dial its knob, selecting the number of pizzas you want to order, and then send your order by smashing

Celebrity Pizza Portraits

Italian chef Domenico Crolla has created already good looking celebrities in to simply delicious pizzas! The art loving chef has created a series known as “Pizza art” by creating familiar portraits of celebrities on pizza. He used melted cheese in order to make these portraits. Take a look below over his art work.

One Touch Pizza Ordering

So what you are going to read is not less than a rescue story! Are you hungry? Is your fridge as empty as mine remains!? Then if you are sitting in Dubai you can have a pizza ordered in just one touch on the magnet present on your fridge! Sounds amazing? Isn’t it? A shop