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Outfit Designs Made from Paper Won’t Leave You Feeling Naked

The models in these pics are wearing nothing but paper. A group of students from Estonian Academy of Arts designed these outfits under the instructions of designer Ilison, they were limited to using paper from the sponsoring company, Antalis, though they had free reign over colors and forms. 12 best outfits were chosen from 24 participators, with

Great Paper Illusions [Pictures]

If you have enjoyed our collection of stunning optical illusions then we are sure you will enjoy the new series of 3D paper illusion by AlessandroDD as well. Its pretty eye popping stuff by the artist. The illusions created by him are simply mind boggling. Sit back and enjoy the gallery below

Stunning Paper Art!

Peter Callesen is not an ordinary artist. His artistic qualities are truly remarkable as he uses his extraordinary imagination skills to cut a figure from just one piece of paper. And that’s not the end of the story, he also uses those cut pieces to make stunning 3D figures. Furthermore, to make you drop your