Now You Don’t Have To Breathe With New Injectable Oxygen

We all know that breathing an oxygen rich liquid is an old idea which does have some advantages but it has more detriments than benefits. For example the removal of carbon dioxide from bloodstream becomes a big problem, which ultimately leads to many other problems. So the Researchers at Boston Children’s Hospital came up with a

10 Worst Technological Failures

Sometimes even the best can fail and at the most inappropriate of times, leaving you stunned and confounded; Zidane’s legendary headbutt in the 2006 world cup surprised even the casual fan. Technology isn’t invincible either; it can leave Bill Gates speechless in face of a blue screen of death in Windows 98 in front of

10 Weird Diseases

In this world of over 6 billion human beings, not everyone lives a life of fulfillment; apart from people suffering from AIDS, cancer, hepatitis and many diseases that you know, people suffer from far more peculiar disease that you even haven’t heard of. Today we take a look at 10 weirdest diseases in the world. Note: 1. This list