Top 10 Space Age Radiation Events

In this article we’ll tell you the 10 radiation stories which were caused by either space age accidents or other faulty operation, here we go with the list we produced: No.10 CosmosCos 1402, Russia COSMOS referred to the series of satellites that were launched between 1967 and 1988 to monitor NATO and merchant vessels using

Top 10 Special Forces in the World

Special Forces specialize in counter-terrorism, reconnaissance, and sabotage and have the honor of being the most elite among the forces. They undergo extremely rigorous training for years sometimes, before they are ready and when they are done with the training, they can be easily classified as among the toughest and most competent men in the military. Today, we

DARPA Looking to Develop iPhone and Android Apps

Sure, in the past we’ve got a hearty chuckle out of initiatives that involved Redfly terminals and Clippy variants, but the question remains: how can we get cutting-edge tech into the hands of soldiers faster?