Old Cars

The New Mercedes 300SL PANAMERICANA

The legendary Mercedes 300SL of the 50s gets a new remake. The reborn form of 300SL is known as Panamericana. The car has been developed by American company GullWing America (GWA) from San Antonio – Texas and it is an inspiration from the mythic Mercedes 300 SL “Gullwing”. The new legendary car allows you to drive and have

Sculptures From Old Car Parts!

This is amazing. Tom Samui and his team are fond of making some sculptures from old car parts. This sounds crazy but no doubt that creativity asks no limits, its just you, you thoughts and your determination. These sculptures made from old car parts really require a hard effort and according to Tom it takes

100+ Old Cars That Are Still Head Turners

We all like new cars.But what is about old cars from 60?s, 70?s and others? They can look amazing too.This is compilation of the pictures of old cars.Most of them are older than 40 years, and they still looks beautiful. We hope that you will like this compilation.