Dogs Are Now Able To Take Pictures Of Things They Like With Nikon’s New Camera

Biological signals can be used to tell if a person is happy or not. Putting fun to this is a new type of technology called ‘Heartography’ which involves the snapping of pictures once these specific signals of happiness are detected. The ideal candidates to test this sort of technology out on is obviously, dogs, the

Yet Another SLR Mount For iPhone

All those longing to use a US$3,000 camera lens with their iPhone 4s are in fortune. Photojojo has launched the iPhone SLR Mount, an easier way to mount Canon EOS or a Nikon SLR lens to your iPhone 4. A fit on the mount holds lens in place, and loops on either end. It sounds

Top 10 Microscopic Images

A tiny speck of dust in reality might not be home to thousands of microscopic creatures living in a fully built city complete with a mayor, but when put under a microscope it can reveal some still fascinating details. Today we round up 10 of the best microscopic images ever captured. No 10. Diatom rainbows