AT&T Reportedly Prepping For iPhone Launch In ‘Early To Mid-September’

According to BGR report, AT&T is starting preparations for a likely “early to mid-September” launch of the next-generation iPhone. The report further states that Apple is also beefing up its retail store staffing over a similar timeframe. As per sources, AT&T has begun informing employees across the company, and those who work in retail locations,

Rumor: Apple To Release Next-Gen MacBook Air, Mac OS X 10.7 (“Lion”) This Week

Arrival of Mac OS X 10.7 (“Lion”) and a refreshed MacBook Air notebook are something we all have been longing for. According to a report, “few overseas sources” have affirmed that “Apple Retail stores are planning ‘overnights’ on July 13th.” Overnights characteristically involve a refresh of Apple store displays and training on new products. Moreover,

Next Gen iPhone, iPad May Use Rogue Video Chip

Next generation iPhone and iPad may get a performance boost from Imagination Technologies and its new PowerVR Series6 GPU, code named “Rouge.” GPU chips for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch are already provided by the same company. Imagination Technologies made public the Rogue GPU on Wednesday, touting Texas Instruments, ST-Ericsson and MediaTek, along with

Top 10 Future Medical Procedures

Whether the goal is better hearing or sharper looks, researchers continue their efforts to improve the features naturegave us. Researchers continue to marvel us with their new technological developments in the field of medical Science. No 10. Next-Gen Hair Transplant Scientists at Atlanta-based Aderans Research Institute are researching a way to create a nearly inexhaustible