NASA’s Lunar Exploration Robot Prototype – Scarab the Moon Drilling Rover

NASA’s Lunar rover prototype, Scarab, is designed to carry a drill and do exploratory drilling on the Moon. The rover is specially designed for the Moon’s surface and includes sophisticated tires designed to operate on the (pressure-less) Lunar surface and achieve high traction.

NASA Ares UAV to fly around Mars and Stream Video

The NASA Ares project is a rocket propelled UAV designed to fly one mile above the surface of Mars. Ares is five meters long with a six meter wingspan.

MythBusters: Was NASA’s Moonlanding Fake?!?

About 20% of Americans believe than moon landing is a hoax of NASA. Internationally,This myth is very popular especially in Russia. This episode of Mythbusters is based on the urban legend/conspiracy theory which claims that NASA never landed men on the moon. The guys try to find the truth behind the NASA’s claim of moon

Nasa to bomb the Moon!

Its seems that even the moon will not be  spared in human quest of finding new avenues for human life.NASA today announced on its official site a mission that aims to send an empty fuel tank into space

NASA unveils rock-climbing Axel Rover; all terrain robot

While efforts to rescue NASA’s Spirit continue (as reported by us a few days back), NASA has also funded research to design all terrain robots. Inventors finally came up with this simple spool-shaped robot could one day rappel into steep craters on other planets or moons, anchored to another spacecraft by a rope.

NASA Adds 2nd Test Rover to Help Free Spirit

According to the Free Spirit blog, NASA has added a second test rover to the project, where scientists are working on a way of freeing the stuck Mars Rover, Spirit. The rover is stuck in soft soil at a site called Troy.