Top 10 iPod Cases

The iPod has changed the way we all listen to music and with more than 300 million iPods sold all over the world, the iPod speaks volumes of Apple whose ‘revolutionary’ products are paving way for it to becoming ‘the’ biggest company in history. Coming back to iPod, here are the ten best-looking cases to

Disabling iTunes from Automatically Opening When iPhone / iPod is Connected

In iphones and ipod the default settings allows the device to automatically connect with the iTunes support center when connected with any network. This feature is very supportive but sometimes it becomes very annoying especially when your preferences are different. This feature can easily be turned off by disabling the options of auto connect within

Nokia and Cambridge Design Nanotech Mobile

Nokia may not be too funky with their mobile phone designs for mass production but you have to admit, their concept designs are something that look, quite literally, out of this world. Morph, a joint Nanotechnology concept, developed by Nokia Research Center (NRC) and the University of Cambridge (UK) – was launched today alongside the