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10 Inventions That Will Change Your Everyday Life

Finding new uses of old techniques,methods and gadgets is true innovation. This is a top 10 list that talks about everyday use items which has been improved in one way or another. 10. Wi-Fi Routers       Chinese scientists have tweaked the average Wi-Fi router by introducing a router that relies on light to transmit data rather

Top 16 Must Have Cydia Apps for iPhone

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted on more than just a brief news announcement. Last few weeks have been quite hectic for me, I wasn’t able to dish out the typical quality app review I’d normally do. Well, now that we’re under way in 2010, I figure I’d take an opportunity to tell

Top 10 Engineering Apps on the iPhone

It’s time for some quirky engineering on your iPhone as we round up some of the best engineering applications available for the device. No 10. Engineer’s calculator Fittingly, we start off with the most basic requirement of an engineer with this handy calculator. This engineering calculator practically has no size limits and displays numbers in